LOOKING BACK – In March 2018 we visited our son, Jacob who was studying abroad in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Our travels also took us to Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels. Truly a trip of a lifetime. In Paris we visited several art museums including; The Louvre and The Centre Pompidou. We also experience what is arguably the most famous avenue in the world – the Champs-Elysées and the iconic Arche de Triomphe. One of the highlights of our time in Paris was visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral before the devastating fire this past spring. In Brussels, the centerpiece of the 1958 World Expo – the Atomium was an amazing structure perfectly preserved. In Amsterdam it was a unique experience to see the canals and the throng of bicycles through out the city streets! A trip full of art, architecture, fast trains and lots of other inspiration!

Amsterdam to Paris @ 180 mph!
Arche de Triomphe
The famous Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece
Inside the Louvre
Night time stroll along the Seine River in Paris
Wonderful Art Nouveau architectural detail in Paris.
Paris Sacré Cœur
Paris Sacré Cœur (Montmartre) I Love You Wall
Site of the original Moulin Rouge
Says it all!
Malevich plaster architecture models
Dine drawings
Notre Dame Cathedral (before the fire)
Notre Dame Cathedral interior
The Atomium
Inside the Atomium looking out
Inside the Atomium looking up one of the tubes
Amsterdam canal