Photo by Osman Talha Dikyar on Unsplash

My first experience with 3D printing was in 2011 while teaching at a college in Western Pennsylvania. As part of the new curriculum and program, I was developing I made the decision to integrate a component of an “emerging technology” at the time. That technology, often referred to as additive manufacturing, had already been getting considerable recognition but was yet to become commonplace in schools and universities throughout the US and the world. The reason was two-fold. First, an entry-level to mid-level desktop 3d printer at the time shipped with slicing software that was very unreliable and consistent. The second reason 3d printers were somewhat uncommon was the cost. The printer I purchased had a build area of about 6″ x 6″ x 6″ and cost about $2,500! Today the environment has progressed substantially with costs coming down, build areas going up, and the reliability of slicer software such as Cura, Slic3r, and others no longer much of an issue. Today, of course, the availability of 3d printers has soared and cost of a reliable printer is quite often under $300. The availability of affordable and more user-friendly technology has, as we know, put this technology in the hands of entrepreneurs, designers, and makers of ALL AGES and backgrounds. It is truly an exciting time for the curious and individuals interested in making things!

This past summer I received a wonderful email from Ms. Stacey Martin who is a teacher at a local stem club for girls. Stacey wanted to pass on the girls’ appreciation for information the students discovered on my website ( and according to her, was helpful in their understanding of 3d printing. The girls reciprocated by providing a link to a site they had found and wanted it passed on to me so I could post for others interested in 3d printing. Needless to say, I was impressed by the club’s enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and reaching out to let me know! Thank you and keep up the good work girls! Directly below is the link they wanted me to share.

For more information about the Lyndhurst Stem Club for Girls go to: